The ad networking industry can sometimes be confusing. This page was created to answer some of the questions we hear on a regular basis. Instead of becoming frustrated, be sure to check these resources, and always remember that we are here to help!


Is it possible to register multiple accounts from one IP address?

Yes. The amount of the accounts registered from one IP address is unlimited.

Is it possible to use one e-mail address for multiple accounts?

No. Each account must use separate email addresses.

Is it possible to use one username for multiple accounts?

No. Each account must have its own username.

I didnít manage to pay the fee within 72 hours from registration and my account was deleted. Can I use the same username and e-mail to re-register?


Which button shall I use for registration?

If you use the first button, the system will place your account in the highest possible position in the MSC network.

If you use the second button, the system will place your account in the highest position in the network of the sponsor that introduced you to the system through his registration link.

Is it possible to change my position in the network in case I made a mistake when choosing from the registration buttons?

Unfortunately, the system doesnít allow us to make such changes.

Can I use a different registration e-mail other than Gmail?

Yes. Although we recommend using Gmail though because of high deliverability.

Can I log in to my account from any IP address?


What shall I do if I make a mistake at registration?

Write to MSC support mentioning the mistake and the correct details.

How can I change username and e-mail address? I didnít find such an option in my profile.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the username or e-mail address of the account for safety reasons.


Which electronic wallets are accepted by MSC?

Any electronic wallet that supports LOT currency (at the moment only MS LOT BANK).

Can I use one wallet for multiple accounts?

Yes, you can enter the same wallet address in profiles of different accounts.

Can I use my wallet to pay for the registration of another person?

Yes, you can use any wallet to make registration payment.


How much is the registration fee to MSC program?

Registration fee is 0.01 LOT. You must also pay the fee that your Bitcoin wallet will charge for this transaction.

How much time do I have from registration to pay the registration fee?

You have to pay within 72 hours from registration.

What will happen if I donít manage to pay the registration fee within 72 hours from registration?

Your account will be deleted.

Is there a payout minimum?

Yes. You must have at least 0.03 LOT on your MSC account for the system to make a transfer.

How can I withdraw my earnings?

Your earnings are sent to your bitcoin wallet automatically, every Monday at 14:00 GMT+1

Will I pay any transaction fees for transfers to my Bitcoin wallet?

No. These fees are paid by MSC.

Is it possible to transfer bitcoins from one MSC account to another?



I paid the registration fee. Why canít I login to my account yet?

MSC system needs 5 - 10 minutes to register your payment and to enable your account.

Can I close my account and get my registration fee back?

You can ask for your account to be closed, but you cannot get your money back.

I registered a new member and I received my commission. How come I donít see him in my network?

The reason that you donít see your referral is that he registered to the highest position in the network. That can be anywhere in MSC network, not necessarily in your network.

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