When you join MegaSpooler, you'll find yourself quickly and easily experiencing a life of abundance. You must have heard the hype. Iím here to tell you the hype is TRUE!

Itís no secret that people are making thousands of dollars in online marketing.

I am one of those people and I want to show you how to do the same. The opportunity to expand your network and income are incredible.

It does not matter how old you are or your education level. It does not matter where you live. No experience of any kind is necessary.

With Megaspooler by your side, you will experience...

ē     A very low entry fee. (0.01 LOT = 12.50 US dollars). This is a one time payment. No hidden fees. No monthly payments.

ē     Based on LOT. In other words, no government can take your money...ever!

ē     Free tools. We offer you professionally created advertising tools such as text ads, videos and banners. These are totally free for your network growth.

ē     Free bonus: 5 millions ad displays. Thatís 5,000,000! Imagine the possibilities! Use the MegaSpooler website to promote your other projects FOR FREE. Other programs wonít let you work in multiple projects. We not only donít mind but we encourage you to advertise them on MegaSpooler website at no charge whatsoever.

ē     Free choice of where to register in the network:

-     to the highest available position (recommended for people that donít expect to   register huge amounts of members)

-     under sponsor (recommended for leaders that expect to register thousands of   members) This way you also get an opportunity to use different networbuilding   strategies.

ē     Free reinvestments. As you upgrade, the system gradually creates new accounts for you - totaling 1000 new accounts after your 7th upgrade

ē     Generous commissions:

-     40% matching bonus from all purchases (upgrades) of your direct referrals

-     40% commission from your secondary referrals upgrades to the level in which   they appear in your network

Check out the table below to be blown away by how much youíre gonna earn with us.

Everything is automatic. One of the things you are going to love about Megaspooler is that the whole thing is automatic. You donít need to worry about when to upgrade, when and how much to reinvest and how much you can safely withdraw.


You will be entitled to receive your earnings after upgrading to the 3rd level. Minimum payout amount: 0.03 LOT.

ē     It is Forced Matrix - There is a fixed amount of positions in each level which prevents the members to add too many referrals in their first level and so support overall network building. So even if one doesnít find any referrals, members will fall in his network thanks to the ads of megaspooler and other leaders, thatís why there is no competition among the leaders and everybody is helping everybody, loners just have to wait a bit longer to see the results.

ē      MegaSpooler is Perpetuum mobile for money. Our automatic setup prevents members to withdraw their entire earnings and so disturb the financial flow. You have guarantee that all your referrals will upgrade and reinvest.

ē    You will be entitled to receive your earnings after upgrading to the 3rd level. Minimum payout amount is 0.03 LOT.

Network Building and Compensation Plan

The System is a Forced Matrix 3 x 7

Forced means that there is limited amount of positions in the first level of each member.

Matrix is an arrangement of the members into a fixed number of rows and columns.

3 x 7 defines the amount of positions and levels. 3 positions in each members first level for the depth of 7 levels, so 1 full matrix has 3279 members.

The system is placing new registered members to the network according to this fixed pattern from up downwards and from left to right. This prevents the members from adding too many referrals in their first level and so support overall network building. So even if one doesnít find any referrals, members will fall in his network thanks to the ads of megaspooler and other leaders.

When you register you will have two options. You can register to the highest available position in the network or under the sponsor. Megaspooler is the only MLM program that gives you the option to choose whether you want to go under your sponsor. That does NOT mean that you will not be rewarded when you introduce somebody new to MegaSpooler and he registers to the highest available position and not under you.

Everybody who register through your affiliate link is your direct referral and no matter which registration he chooses, you will receive the full commission from all his purchases. 40% from his entry fee and 40% percent from every upgrade he makes. Extra bonus; if he is in a higher position than you, there is a huge chance that people he will bring will fall in your network.

You may want to ask now, why would you care if new members fall in your network while the commissions would be received by their direct sponsors anyway?

Thatís exactly why this system is so unique. New members who didnít register through your link but the system placed them into your network are your secondary referrals. Every time they make the upgrade corresponding to the level in which they appear in your network, you will receive 40% commission.

An upgrade is the purchase of a product. Itís a way of reinvesting.

You will not pay anything out of your pocket ever again. The system will upgrade you automatically as you earn. Actually, you will be buying products without paying for them! Isn't that awsome?

And Megaspoolerís products are great e-books about network marketing and self-improvement, that will assist you in your further business and personal development.

Distribution of the Commissions from Secondary Referrals

Let's make this clear with the help of an example. It'd be a good idea to get a pen and paper and draw a diagram as you read this. I promise, it will be very easy to understand when you do that.

So, you are on the top of your matrix. Under you, in your first level there are 3 empty positions. Letís say you brought Tom and Amy. That makes you their direct sponsor. Because they chose registration under a sponsor, you can see them in your network. There is one more spot in your first level. The system places Tina on that spot. And John, Anna and Steve under Tina. And Marie, Rob and Sally under John. All these guys except of Tom and Amy are your secondary referrals. They were brought to your network by the system. When Tina joins, you receive 40 percent from her entry fee. We can call it also, her first upgrade. Thatís 0.004 LOT to your account. John, Anna and Steve are in your second level. When they join, Tina receives 0.004 LOT for each. Thatís 0.012 LOT added to her wallet. When they make second upgrade, you will receive 0.004 LOT for each, 0.012 LOT to your account. When Marie, Rob and Sally register, John gets 0.012 LOT. When they make their second upgrade, Tina will get 0.012 LOT. When they make their third upgrade, you will get 0.036 LOT. When they make their fourth upgrade, the person who is right on top of you will get 0.3 LOT.

The product cost changes with each upgrade. Have a look at this table. 

The product cost at the first level is 0.01 LOT, which is the joining fee. The second upgrade costs the same, 0.01 LOT. The third one is 0.03 LOT and so on until the last seventh upgrade which costs 15 LOT.

If just one person in your seventh level makes their seventh upgrade, you will straight away receive 6 LOTs, that's $7500. And imagine now, that you will have in your seventh level 2187 members. This system is the system of all systems, and it pays to get to know it and use it to your full advantage!


Reinvestments are the new accounts that are automatically created for you. Itís as if you registered again and again to the system under different names. Look at the table above. After you make your 4th upgrade and when you have the necessary funds, the system automatically creates 100 new accounts for you. After your 5th upgrade 200 accounts and so on, totalling 1000 new accounts.

Thanks to the pattern I explained to you at the beginning, new members are filling the matrix evenly, everybody gets commissions, leaders help each other and feel no competition and active members are rewarded by generous matching bonuses. Of course, if you do not sponsor, it will take much longer to see the results.

What is Matching Bonus?

Letís go back to our diagram.

Take Marie for example. She was brought by Josh. She chose registration to the highest available position and the system placed her under John. Josh can not see her in his network but he is her direct sponsor. When she joins, John gets 40 percent of her entry fee. A 100 percent matching bonus for her direct sponsor Josh, which means the same amount that went to (secondary sponsor) John. When Marie upgrades the second time, 40 percent goes to Tina and the same amount for Josh. When she upgrades the third time, 40 percent goes to you and the same will go to Josh. The direct sponsor is rewarded every time the referrals upgrade.

Commissions from Direct Referrals

Letís say you bring in 10 people. When they join, you'll receive 0.04 LOT, when they upgrade the second time you'll get 0.04 LOT again, with their third upgrade you'll receive 0.12 LOT, their fourth upgrade brings 1 LOT into your wallet and so on. As you can see, it really pays to be active.

Cash Flow 

When you complete the registration process (consider that to be your first upgrade), you are ready to start building your network. The system automatically takes the following steps as the members get into your network:



1. 2nd upgrade at the cost of                                0.01 LOT

2. 3rd upgrade at the cost of                                 0.03 LOT

3. Payout to your wallet                                    0.03 LOT


4. 4th upgrade at the cost of                                 0.25 LOT


5. Payout to your wallet                                    0.25 LOT


6. Reinvestment - 100 new accounts created           1.00 LOT


7. Payout to your wallet                                    1.00 LOT


8. 5th upgrade at the cost of                                 1.50 LOT


9. Payout to your wallet                                    1.50 LOT


10. Reinvestment - 200 new accounts created         2.00 LOT


11. Payout to your wallet                                  2.00 LOT


12. 6th upgrade at the cost of                               5.00 LOT


13. Payout to your wallet                                  5.00 ​​LOT


14. Reinvestment Ė 300 new accounts created         3.00 LOT


15. Payout to your wallet                                   3.00 LOT


16. 7th upgrade at the cost of                               15.00 LOT


17. Payout to your wallet                                  15.00 LOT


18. Reinvestment - 400 new accounts created         4.00 LOT


19. Endless Weekly Automatic Payouts


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