Building your future with fully automatic revolutionary system is quick and easy thanks to unique MegaSpooler compensation plan. So check it out..


- Very low entry fee 0,01BTC about 10 dollars (this is one time payment, no hidden fees, no monthly payments)


- Based on bitcoin – raising value, no taxes


- Free tools - professionally created advertising tools such as text ads, videos and banners are available to you free for your network growth


- Free bonus - 2 millions ads displays. Use MegaSpooler website to promote your other projects for free. Other programs don’t let you to work in multiple programs. We not only don’t mind but we will let you to advertise them on MegaSpooler website for free.


- Free choice of where to register in the network:

1. to the highest available position (recommended for people that don’t expect to register huge amounts of members)

2. under sponsor (recommended for leaders that expect to register thousands of members)


This way you also get an opportunity to use different network building strategies.


- Free reinvestments - as you upgrade, system gradually creates new accounts for you - totalling 1000 new accounts after your 7th upgrade


- Generous commissions

        40% commission for all secondary referrals - (secondary referrals are those who are brought to your network by other members) and

        40% matching bonus for all direct referrals and for all their upgrades - (direct referrals are those who are registered through your registration link)

Check the table below to be blown away by how much you gonna earn with us.

You will be entitled to receive your earnings after upgrading to the 3rd level. Minimum payout amount: 0.03 BTC.

- Everything is automatic - you don’t need to worry about when to upgrade, when and how much to reinvest and how much you can safely withdraw


- It is Forced Matrix 3x7 (system is placing new registered members according to the fixed pattern) - from up downwards and from left to right. There is fixed amount of positions in each level which prevents the members to add too many referrals in their first level and so support overall network building. So even if one doesn’t find any referrals, members will fall in his network thanks to the ads of MegaSpooler and other leaders (that’s why there is no competition among the leaders and everybody is helping to everybody. Loners just have to wait a bit longer to see the results)


- MegaSpooler is Perpetuum mobile for money – automatic setup prevents members to withdraw their entire earnings and so disturb the financial flow. You have guarantee that all your referrals will upgrade and reinvest


This is a big disadvantage in other programs. Even if the program is good with great comp plan, one can just forget to upgrade and that will make him and his sponsors to lose their commissions. Or even worse one can decide to withdraw his entire earnings and stop participating in the program and so to disturb the cash flow in the program - his sponsor then losing earnings, which makes him unable to upgrade and so on until everything falls apart. In MegaSpooler system automatically divides your earnings, upgrades, reinvests and the rest sends to your wallet once per week.

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